The Trouble with Louise

There is Savagery in Fear.
An appalling and downright nasty right wing smear campaign has begun in a bid to discredit Jeremy Corbyn as he seeks to become the new Labour leader buoyed by a wave of popular support (i.e. the people politicians are meant to represent). The attack is all smoke and mirrors and has been instigated by the mainstream media in the U.K., with the Israeli press happily picking up on the theme. Meanwhile some of the broadsheets in the UK have become tabloids, full of sensationalist articles with very little of fact in them, in a bid to discredit the M.P. for Islington North.
Here’s The Telegraph for starters:
Yes, Jeremy Corbyn has shaken hands with some seriously unsavoury and yes, murderous people. But then so has every Prime Minister (and probably politician) in living memory. Let’s not forget that Pinochet was a friend of Thatcher, and that the Iron Lady sent Christmas cards to both Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. I imagine the message went something like “Happy Christmas boys, keep up the good work because I too am a vicious beast but you make me look like Mother Theresa”.
Surely being “friends” with Hamas et al means Corbyn has a chance of at least getting people around the table in the hope of finding that rare commodity, ‘a fair peace’; or would the other side, seeing an equal playing field for once, pick up their ball and go home?
The situation is far more complicated than this of course, but I haven’t got the time or inclination to go into greater depth. I have smaller fish to fry. Any questions, just ask. I won’t ignore the difficult ones. I am not like Louise.
A Lie Told Often Becomes the Truth
From my reading of the attack on Corbyn, pretty well everything is loaded with innuendo but no hard evidence. For instance this headline from the Daily Mail suggests that Corbyn supported the views of an anti-Semitic speaker, but they later write that he “unwittingly gave a platform to James Thring”. So he in fact knew nothing about the speaker.
As for the other speaker that Mr. Corbyn did book, his name is Max Blumenthal and he was castigated in the Daily Mail for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.
Well, I think we know that for some segments of society in the Holy Land, life is indeed like Nazi Germany and as Blumenthal asserted, Kristallnacht. It is also worth noting that Mr. Blumenthal is Jewish. The term anti-Semite can’t be used against him, but it’s O.K. boys and girls, we’ve got that base covered. He must be a ‘self hating Jew’, which actually puts him in good company since anybody who is Jewish and dares to criticise Israel (including some of the world’s greatest minds) is labelled one.
Meanwhile, the Times of Israel has condemned Corbyn for defending Stephen Sizer’s views, using the Daily Mail as a touchstone for evidence which as I hope to have illustrated, is not the most sound footing upon which to base an argument.
Corbyn defended Rev. Stephen Sizer from an attack that he felt was founded in some of his previous writings on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and not the offending article Sizer posted on Facebook asking if it was anti-Semitic to suggest 9/11 was Israel’s fault, (N.B. Not the definitely anti-Semitic view that ‘the Jews’ were to blame). It is neither an orthodox nor particularly scientific outlook but it isn’t anti-Semitic. Corbyn suggested that Sizer was unfairly “under attack by certain individuals intent on discrediting the excellent work [he] does in highlighting the injustices of the Palestinian Israeli situation.”
Never Again
I had a situation whilst studying at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, which illustrated to me how powerful being labelled an anti-Semite (and indeed the fear of it) can be. One particular lecturer, on discussing the number of victims of the Holocaust, began with the wonderfully racist opening “Well you know what Germans are like; efficient, mechanical…” before equating an entire nation to the Nazis by suggesting this ‘national feature’ was a reason for the Nazis’ meticulous record keeping that evidenced the horrors of the attempted extermination of the Jews of Europe. He then proclaimed “We have the names of 5.1 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust here in Yad Vashem…” Now there is an obvious question there that any inquisitive mind would want to ask and that is; how does that figure tally with the generally accepted figure of 6 million victims, but was I going to ask it? Hell no! Do you think I’m some kind of idiot? I’d be accused of Holocaust denial for one, even though it is the sort of question a seven year old might ask given the above information. Anyone conducting serious research into the Holocaust would also want to find an answer to the question. I understand that some records may have been destroyed, some are probably still being unearthed and I have little reason to doubt the six million figure, but it made me ashamed that I didn’t dare ask and I vowed never to allow that to happen again.
The Language of Hate
Back to Corbyn’s defence of Sizer. The Daily Mail article goes on to suggest Sizer has form as an anti-Semite when in 2014 he delivered a speech on the “Israeli lobby” at an Iranian conference that sought to “unveil the secrets behind the dominance of the Zionist lobby over US and EU politics,”.
I don’t understand the problem with this. Anti Zionist? yes. Anti the State of Israel? Yes. Anti-Semitic? No. There is an Israeli lobby both here (regular visitors to the BBC by all accounts) and in the States. There is a big Armenian lobby in the U.S. too, though not nearly as persuasive as the Israeli group, as is evident by the number of Presidents who have said they will recognise the Armenian genocide, only to get into office and ‘forget’ about it.
So the suggestion that Corbyn is anti-Semitic seems to be based on facts like he once shook hands with a war criminal. I am sure he has. He is in the same Party that Tony Blair belonged to.
Corbyn went to “all my lectures” according to Paul Eisen, a Jew who denies the Holocaust and readily admits he is no academic. This soundbite is of course according to Eisen and not Corbyn, and having read some of Eisen’s filthy doggerel, I wouldn’t trust him as a character witness at all. But how do you understand these, freaks, these lunatics, these deniers, if you don’t listen to them? Occasionally you learn something from them and on occasion they turn up a fact that actually works against their own argument. I have read some dreadful denial literature and that is before we get to the ‘respectability’ of David Irving. I have learnt things though.
Now I don’t know Jeremy Corbyn and I have never met him. Hell, I am not even a Labour Party member, but so far I have liked his outlook because nothing he has said or written (to my knowledge) has been racist or anti-Semitic and his political stance seems to be humane and peaceful; which is why demons like Blair have come out to ‘get him’. We don’t know why Corbyn was at these lectures or why he met up with certain individuals, and to be honest he has no need to explain himself. He has not acted improperly in any way and until some of these Nazis (oh the irony!) criticising him deliver some proof, I will continue to support his ascent to the Labour leadership, along with, it seems, a large majority of left leaning voters.
It is interesting because the attack on Corbyn is like the Dreyfus affair, with the roles flipped. And it is a witch-hunt.
Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!
Which/Witch (haha) brings me to Louise Mensch (nee Bagshawe).
The worst of the vitriol comes from this former Conservative M.P. who thankfully for us (but not for you on the other side of the pond) now resides in the States. She has been waging an almost forty eight hour Twitter campaign in order to smear Corbyn by inferring that Corbyn was”backing” anti-Semites (using the dodgy dossiers put forward by the likes of the Daily Mail), and then insinuating that he too must be anti-Semitic.
Now Louise has a problem that afflicts many people who have been to University and automatically think this makes them ‘cleverer than thou’; the poor lamb struggles with nuance and subtlety. I know! You’d expect better from someone educated at Oxford! A Literature student too! They must be so proud!
This might explain why she was a Tory, then switched to Labour then switched back to Tory.
She is.
It must be all those drugs she “probably” took in the 90s. She defended herself by claiming she “probably” took them in a club ( revelation came out when she had to apologise to Piers Morgan following her “misreading” of an article on him, which naturally invalidates nearly everyone of her Tweets, since it seems to be a ‘habit’ she is prone to. For someone whose gob has got her into so much trouble you’d think she would learn. But no, Louise wants to be noticed. Regarding her attacks on Corbyn, her lack of understanding of the difference between anti-Israel/anti Zionist/anti-Semitic for instance is quite astonishing (or conveniently so) for a grown up and supposedly educated woman.
Let me explain it to you Louise. It is quite simple.
An anti Israeli is someone opposed to the State of Israel and it’s policies, in particular the de-humanisation of Palestinians.
An anti Zionist is opposed to Zionists (go figure!), i.e. those who originally sought the establishment of a Jewish homeland ( I don’t have a problem with that)and the racist policies they support regarding non-Jews living in Israel ( I do have a problem with that).
Finally, an anti-Semite is some who has (an often illogical) hatred for Jewish people based on their ethnicity.
Got it?
There you go! Explained in three easy steps. And I won’t even charge you the cost of one of those trashy chick-lit books you used to write back in the 90s, the ones that, judging by your political understanding, you frankly should have stuck with.
Mensch’s confusion over Corbyn’s anti Zionist/Israel stance is very strange given that she tweeted this last year regarding her criticism of another State.
“That’s like saying I’m anti-Islamic because I criticise Saudi Arabia”.
That’s true Louise, it’s a bit like saying Jeremy Corbyn is an anti Semite for criticising Israel/Zionism.
Well there’s some double standards for you.
Make your mind up Menschy. What’s it going to be?
Which way is the wind blowing today?
Mensch has previously complained of being bullied on Twitter and yet as with the Corbyn attacks, she has been accused of it herself, not against an adult, but against a seventeen year old Ed Miliband fan. At least on that occasion she chose the right age for the fight, because intellectually, she ain’t no heavyweight. There have been other cases as well.
I first became interested in Mensch when the London riots kicked off in 2011. I knew ‘of’ her before, but then that is quite different from being interested. At the height of the riots, when value rice was being liberated at an astonishing rate from that bastion of commerce Tesco, Louise suggested Facebook and Twitter should be shut down. Louise the control freak. We saw it again on Question Time where she was advocating the total ban on drugs (standard) in the face of John Lydon’s more liberal and tolerant approach. You see, Louise likes to tell people what to do (and thinks she is always correct) but doesn’t want to listen to facts that might contradict her position. Louise the control freak.


She will sthcream and sthcream and sthcream until she gets her own way, but has failed to understand that the adult world doesn’t work like that.
At present she is sthcreaming about Jeremy Corbyn.
I tweeted her recently asking her if she recognised the aforementioned Armenian genocide. Quick as a flash she replied “Of course!”
I then asked why she hadn’t signed any Early Day Motions to that end when she was in a position to do so.
I have tried to engage her further all to no avail.
Sighs. (UPDATE: She did respond much much later, saying that she did not sign them because she thought they were a waste of time. Well if no-one signs them…then I suppose they are).
She hasn’t answered because she does not like difficult questions, or to be up against anyone who doesn’t agree, or anyone above the age of seventeen who can put a coherent argument together. And if she does come up against anyone like that? Well, she’ll just Sthcreeeeaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm.
I could go on, but like that other Twitter troll, Katie Hopkins, publicity is her oxygen; so I won’t unless of course she decides to come out of hiding and engages with people who disagree with her, and not just those who think she’s wonderful.
Some do. Honestly.
Meanwhile, whilst all this has been going on, not one of the other candidates in the race for Labour leader has come out to defend their colleague. That is shameful and cowardly; as is abstaining from voting against a welfare bill that will hurt the majority of the constituents who put them in a position of trust and privilege, but that didn’t stop Burnham, Kendall and Cooper from doing so.

And then of course the Dark Lord has returned to put forward his views. With eyes ablaze Tony Blair has managed to increase Corbyn’s support by suggesting that if your heart says “Corbyn” you need a transplant, and that Corbyn will bring about the “annihilation” of the Labour Party. What Labour Party? It barely exists, and the only thing it stands for these days is “Get power at any cost”.
Corbyn could change all of this. And they are afraid. Very afraid.
Big business doesn’t like Corbyn because he will expect them to pay a fair return to the workers they benefit from and will force them to implement conditions that will see workers lives improve, both of which will cost businesses money.
Politicians don’t like him because he believes in fairness and a large number of them really don’t give a shit about that. They are in it for their second homes, the privilege and the expenses. If Corbyn gets in it will cost politicians money.
Yes Corbyn could change all this if he isn’t ousted by other Labour M.P.’s the minute he gets voted in (there’s democracy for ya), or if he isn’t ‘found’ slumped in some woods near his home.


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