Police Truck – (Bad apples or a matter of policy?)

Police Truck

Long ago, in a galaxy far away I was born into a family that ran a newsagent. A by-product of this unfortunate circumstance was that I became a child labourer long after the Factory Acts of the mid nineteenth century prohibited such brutality. The International Labour Act of 1973 had failed to make an impression on my father, since the law prohibited any work performed by children under the age of 12, non-light work done by children aged 12–14, and hazardous work done by children aged 15–17. Now my father had a well-trained army of delivery boys; actually that is a total lie. They were a feckless bunch of thieving little bastards who would fail to turn up for work if there was even the slightest hint of rain in the air. This meant that from the age of seven, I was out lugging a paper bag at unearthly hours of the morning and in disgusting conditions before a school day that I was generally too exhausted to pay much attention to, which explains a lot about me. This continued well into my teens to the point that I would be coming home from a heavy Saturday night/Sunday morning of substance abuse and misdemeanours to be greeted by the words of my recently woken Dad “X isn’t in today; you’ll have to do it”. Due to my early introduction into the world of labour, I have little awareness of cold, rain; snow and ice, since they were my childhood workplace environment. I also blame my early working career on back and shoulder problems that still haunt me to this day. My work was not always confined to deliveries though and there were some benefits to be had from my unofficial job although again, I believe I developed an ailment as a result. Every week I got to read all the comics, newspapers, and most importantly for a growing and unhealthy boy, porn that my tiny eyes could devour. The latter is no doubt responsible for my chronic shortsightedness. I also used to slam my thumb into any Easter eggs I fancied knowing full well that we always got the damaged ones on Easter Sunday afternoon. I’m not proud.

26 Broadgate, Coventry, 2013

I bet the porn was good here

After school and at weekends I used to serve the customers, with the only positive to come out of that being I gained a degree from the University of Life in people watching. The shop was busy and as such we had an exhaustive cross section of people through our doors; from pleasant little old ladies buying papers and magazines to young children getting their weekly sweets and comics (not porno mags though, that filth was mine). We also had to entertain the seedier side of the spectrum; thieves, liars, bores, whores and the police.

The latter category was one I never entirely trusted. This may have something to do with the fact that in my youth I seemed to live my life dead on that fine margin between lawfulness and criminality via various acts of petty vandalism and experimentation. I knew that they knew, but there was little they could do because I never quite went far enough (well once or twice maybe) for it to become a serious problem. Whenever they were on the premises, the po-po gave me the creeps. They had little to say of any interest, and as my father pointed out to me once, “they all talk the same, as if they are giving evidence in court”. For instance, if a policeman happened to be telling you about an industrial accident, they wouldn’t say “Mr. X hurt his mouth” but “In carrying out his duties as a glassblower, Mr. X placed one particular phallus shaped receptacle to his mouth to imitate the process of oral sex and as a result Mr. X obtained third degree burns to the upper left portion of the skin surrounding his jaw”, or something.

And ride, ride how we ride…

Anyway it was a piece of sage advice from a father who wasn’t a fan of them without any real reason not to be (to my knowledge), and I have held his wisdom close to me ever since. Growing up In Britain we were told to respect the police. The adult world seemed incapable of explaining to me why this should be the case. What had they done to deserve my respect? As far as I could see the majority were thick as pig shit and reveled in their ability to dish out a good kicking to anyone who refused to do as they were told, which given their intellectual limitations, was never too long in coming. You see, the police don’t like words or reasoned argument. It confuses them. Makes them feel inadequate. Reminds them of how they were bullied at school, or of their atrophied appendages. Why waste time when you can pummel the daylights out of someone (always backed up by your mates and a big stick). Since my youth I have had minor run-ins with the law, but due to a veneer of vague respectability and the ‘luxury’ of having white skin, nothing too harsh has come of it. Off duty police are less identifiable other than the bizarre speech patterns they have, but twice I have been able to identify them with ease. The first time was when I was in my teens. One particular poor wretch who went to my primary school was bullied mercilessly due to a combination of having an unfortunate surname and a timidity that flew in the face of the macho environment of my upbringing. He went to a different school later in life and the next time I saw him he was battering senseless some fellow carouser outside a nightclub (backed up by his big brother naturally).

“Fuck me, he’s changed” I said. “That’s pig behaviour”.

“That’s because he is one” a fellow onlooker replied.

big nose

Not Roy, but a big nose nonetheless

The other incident happened when I was playing a football match. The opposition had a highly skilled player who in a previous fixture had run riot against us. He had everything, pace, skill and the biggest nose in Christendom. I therefore, with some retrospective shame, decided to harangue him throughout the game with foul mouthed shouts of “Hit it with your nose Roy” and other snout, nozzle, proboscis related insults all aimed at putting him off his game. It worked. As I was walking off at the end of the match a spectator suggested I did not have to use such language on a playing field. I began debating with him as he stood there arms folded. He then gave me a baleful stare, unhooked one arm and pointed to the left saying “On your way”. That was the tell-tale sign and I knew immediately he was one of them. He couldn’t handle reasoned debate. I could read his mind not that there was much in it. He was thinking “If only I had my uniform and badge I could arrest this savage, take him down the station and attach electrodes to his nipples and testicles and then…oh…my imagination has run out…Gah.”

Birmingham Six

The Birmingham Six, all of whom were later freed after serving sixteen years of the sentence. Fourteen officers were charged with assault of the six and acquitted. That’s justice for ya baby!

Now these incidents were minor but they hint at the mind-set of your average policeman. “I am right. Don’t question me. If you do it might not be good for your health”. Indeed It was often suggested that the police on taking a prisoner into custody would rearrange their features (look at the mug shots of the Birmingham Six – nearly every one of them looks like they have been twelve rounds with a pumped up and prime Mike Tyson) and then claim they had fallen down the stairs. And of course, in this case, the victims like who knows how many others, were innocent.

We ride, lowride.

As I have grown up into something resembling a mature man, I have witnessed police violence becoming more extreme. In the last fifteen years the police in the UK, who are famously unarmed (except for the ones who are) have murdered close to thirty people. Some of the names you will recognise; Anthony Grainger, Mark Duggan, Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles de Menezes; others you won’t because they weren’t as high profile or well publicised. The biggest punishment an officer faced in the light of these four high profile cases was dismissal from the force. Yes, really. When did it become O.K. to take someone’s life and then claim it was just an accident? Hell, I think I might join. I have got a million and one scores to settle. The fact I could do it and just get a slap on the wrists is particularly appealing.

jean 3

The aftermath of the de Menezes murder

More and more often it seems that the police can act with impunity and it is getting scarier by the day, but bear with me, because the people are fighting back. Not with violence though. We’re not like them.

Protect and Serve. It never says who they are protecting and serving, and that’s because it certainly isn’t us. Whilst the Army can employ thugs to murder brown and black people abroad, the police are the thug home force meting out justice to whoever they feel like. The whole idea of joining one of these outfits is entirely alien to me, as I suspect it is to anyone with half a brain. It is a fact that most crimes are solved by the public, which naturally leaves the police free to harangue, inconvenience and intimidate generally law abiding citizens for things as important as driving two miles an hour faster than the law deems correct, or for imbibing a drug that doesn’t kill the user and generally makes them happy. Why would you want a job with the sole purpose to make other people miserable? Mind you, the U.K. has nothing on the Yanks, and lately, the American police have been acting quite outrageously on an almost daily (and racist) basis, and what’s more, they seem to be getting away with it.

Don’t move child, got a big black stick

The murder of Trayvon Martin by a plastic policeman in 2012 was a catalyst for highlighting what the American public, and especially those of colour, have to put up with. There had been cases like this before; who can forget the awful assault on Rodney King that set off the L.A. riots? In that case, had a member of the public, George Holliday, decided not to film the incident we would never have heard of Rodney King. It would just be one more case of the police going about their work. “There is nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, just an uppity black man getting his well earned desserts”. They killed Rodney King. It took time, but there can be little doubt that his alcoholism and drug abuse was due in part if not whole to that disgusting piece of ‘justice’. And herein lies the problem for the police today. They are trained to be thugs and bullies, it’s their job for Christ sakes, but now that everyone who has a half decent phone also has a video camera the brutality of the past is not quite so easy to sweep under the carpet.  Notice how tetchy they get when they see one pointed in their direction? They don’t like it, but surely if they are just serving and protecting, what’s to worry about?


Trayvon Martin and the man who murdered him.

George Zimmerman, the man responsible for the murder of Trayvon Martin was not a policeman, but he wanted to be one and as we know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. He saw that Martin was armed with a deadly weapon, because it is a little known fact that you can choke on a bag of Skittles and the packet can sometimes resemble a gun, and so Zimmerman acted accordingly. The man is quite obviously a crazy and in a certain light he looks like Mark Chapman, so the signs were there. This lunatic had seen how his police force acts in such situations and aped them.

The United States is a country founded upon, and obsessed with, violence. From the genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas to the enslavement of Africans, to the bombing of Iraq, and that’s before you even consider all that ‘right to arm bears’ or whatever that stupid thing is, the right to brutality has been a constant concern in the U.S., and race has always been an issue.  For instance, when the Supreme Court was challenged over black rights with the Scott v Sandford case of 1856, it had to decide whether a free black man was a citizen entitled to the full protection of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights et al. It concluded that blacks were not citizens, because the founding fathers didn’t have blacks in mind when the Constitution was written. When the black population did become classed as citizens via the 14th Amendment of 1868 the right to bear arms should also have been theirs, but then certain States introduced their own laws to prevent it happening, the big eared banjo players in the South in particular. I am not letting the UK off on this either. Our government is a horrible murder machine too with a racist past and present, but then the Yankees have always strived to be the biggest and the best at everything.

Anyway, back to that fat freak Zimmerman. He was so imbued with the violence that is bred into U.S. citizens via its foreign policy and its laws, he simply did what he thought was right…and got away with it.

The Cops weren’t having that, No siree, boy. Killing black people is their job! The murder of Trayvon Martin by what was ostensibly a civilian was obviously an affront to their collective man and woman-hoods. And so at the end of 2012 they went on a bloody, rampaging murder spree that has not yet abated. 768 people of all races were killed by the police in the US in 2013. A pretty shoddy showing they obviously thought. They ramped it up in 2014, and hit the 1106 mark. That’s more like it! Good work! But 2015 is going to be a bumper crop. By the 30th of July that bunch of trigger happy demons have already murdered 676 of their own citizens . My God! I bet this piece is out of date already.

These figures are obtained from www.killedbypolice.net and it’s the best we’ve got because there is no governmental order to record the number of shootings by police. Hang on, run that by me again? There is no governmental order to record the number of shootings by police? No wonder they are acting like kids at a Tin Pan Alley in their own lysergic Disneyland. They have got carte blanche to do what the hell they want, and the U.S. Government doesn’t think it is important enough to be bothered about. As for unarmed black men killed by the police, the figure seems to hover around the 30-40% of the total deaths, from a black population in the United States that currently stands at 12.2%. As I have said, the government doesn’t keep figures; if you can be more precise in a bid to prove me wrong go for it. Why should I do all the goddamn work? The fact is that black citizens die at the hands of their protectors and servers at a massively disproportionate rate to their white and Hispanic brethren.

Anyway, as Churchill said “Statistics are shit”, or something like that. It was hard to tell, he was always drunk.

So let’s look at the manner in which unarmed black people are killed by the police. Perhaps the three best examples over the last year are the Tamir Rice case and those of Walter Scott and Samuel Dubose due to the video evidence that has surfaced in each case.

The left newspapers might whine a bit, But the guys at the station they don’t give a shit…

November 22nd is remembered as a day of violence due to the fact that on that day in 1963 JFK was assassinated by Oswald/The CIA/Castro (delete according to your conspiracy theory affiliation). I am with Malcolm X as you might have guessed, that it was a case of chickens coming home to roost. Violence begets violence. But more recently,  it was on that day in 2014 that Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy, was playing with a toy pellet gun in a Cleveland Park. A concerned neighbour called the police but crucially told them twice he thought the gun was a replica. The police arrived and immediately shot Tamir dead. Several witnesses have contradicted the suggestion by the police (in what is a common police phenomenon known as ‘closing rank’) that Rice was told to put up his hands; but even if he had, how would he have been quick enough to react? It is brutal to watch and utterly unjustifiable. Officer Loehmann who fired the fatal shots is facing some sort of justice (ha-ha) but where and when and for how long has yet to be revealed and by now the public are forgetting the name Tamir Rice, which is of course always useful to the powers that be in terms of riot prevention strategies.

They are only forgetting about Tamir because it is hard to keep up with the instances of American police brutality and murder these days. In April of this year we saw Walter Scott, who had been stopped for having a non-functioning brake light, gunned down whilst RUNNING AWAY from his police assailant. I’ll say that again but in a different way. He was murdered for having a defective brake light. Once more closing rank was utilised, as Michael Slager who carried out the murder, loyally backed up by his fellow officer (of colour) Habersham, suggested he had feared for his life and that was why he had shot Scott. He also claimed that he had administered CPR to the victim. So far, so full of shit. Slager hadn’t counted on a video taken by a member of the public showing up, and exposing him as the sleazy, lying bastard he is. Furthermore the video shows Slager picking something up off the ground and placing it near Scott, quite possibly the Taser he claimed Scott had wrestled from him. So you can add tampering with a crime scene to whatever charges that are brought against Slager and that should mean he never witnesses daylight again. Better still, South Carolina still has the death penalty. Let the bastard sizzle whilst repeating the mantra “You live by the sword, you die by the sword. You live by the sword you die by the sword”. What was I saying about Government and State sponsored violence in America?

The latest case regarding Samuel Dubose, saw an officer’s own evidence being used against him. He stopped Dubose for failing to display a front license plate, a calm debate ensued but Officer Tensing was spoiling for a fight. He seemed so pumped up on testosterone that Mrs Tensing (if there is one) surely has a lot to answer for.  Dubose was compliant and totally non-aggressive, but when asked to get out of the car he started his engine and began to try to slowly pull away (he had probably seen what happened to Walter Scott). Tensing’s response was to shoot him in the head.

And so it goes on… Oh wait, I forgot the closing rank bit. Tensing’s fellow University of Cincinnati police officers, Eric Weibel and Phillip Kidd lied by backing Tensing’s account that he was dragged along by Dubose’s car. It shouldn’t be a surprise as these two have form. In 2010 they were implicated in the death of a mentally ill black man who was unarmed and in hospital. He died after being rushed and restrained during which he was shocked with a Taser three times by an officer. Tensing is out on bail. Yes, you read that correctly.

So three murders; two unarmed black men and one unarmed child (unless a toy gun counts) in less than a year caught on video, two in Ohio and one in South Carolina. Ah, isolated incidents I hear you say. Well, I say, have a little look at the map here and I think you will find that it has become something of a police craze over the last fifteen years.


There are good people out there trying to record these things and get the information out there because the U.S. Government quite obviously doesn’t want you to know, and if it wasn’t for their sterling work we would never find these things out. For the police ignorance would be bliss, and it is most definitely what the Government desires.

So there we have it. 2015 and the police are running amok and more crucially running scared in America. And that is the nub of it. The police are scared of us. They would never admit it, but they are. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the Internet, their violence is being recorded and they can no longer tamper with evidence or come up with bullshit stories. Well, they obviously still do, it’s just that some of these homicidal psychopaths were caught on film. Their power is on the wane and they know it. Yet still their President says very little about this savagery especially not when handing out medals at the National Association of Police Organisations to his officers for helping cats out of a tree, probably. Obama has vaguely addressed the issue, but not in any realistic fashion. He has suggested that “mistrust of the police corrodes America” (so it’s the citizens of America’s fault, they should trust these guys!) and that “too many young men of colour feel targeted by law enforcement” (well that’s because they are Barack). Jeez, if black people in America can’t get a helping hand from the first Black President (he isn’t) then who will help them?

In the UK it is nowhere near as bad thankfully. However, whilst they may not be killing us (black or white) over here, they are still using a lot of techniques that their fellow Babylonians across the pond put into practise such as lying, tampering with evidence and closing rank.  But no fear, the UK is catching up. The black population of Britain is 2.8% and the black percentage of the prison population is 10% which according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission shows a greater disproportionality in the number of black people in prisons in the UK compared to the United States. Never, ever think these brutes are on your side, whatever your colour.

The terms pigs and filth seem a little outdated these days; liars and murderers seems more befitting for 2015.


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