Democracy never was, and now even the illusion of democracy is dead.

Democracy never was, and now even the illusion of democracy is dead.
For quite a while; the commoners, the scum, the know-nothings have been governed by; the Lords, the toffs, the know-everythings, and we have been told to be goddamn grateful that we are not living in some Third World hell hole thanks to their beautiful paternalistic benevolence.


For the mass of the population, fed a diet of junk television, rabid consumerism and self-interest, that has been enough. As long as shopping malls keep churning out their unfair trade, as long as there are at least five thousand television channels to choose from and as long as the latest gadgets are obtainable to illustrate a measure of status (oh my!), all is good. Whilst the latest I-whatever is released to keep us wrapped up in our own non-consequential non reality; where i-solation is key and God forbid a conversation should be struck up…that could be seen as dangerous, those who make the decisions can sit back safe in the knowledge that whatever vicious policies they decide to deliver upon us, no-one is listening. No-one cares. Well why should they? Kim and Kanye have a new baby on the way, a woman and a dog who won Britain’s latest and greatest talent have sold out my local auditorium; and a pair of footballers have spit roasted some poor unfortunate/calculating gold-digger. Just as long as we don’t concern ourselves with something important for God’s sake, like morals and ethics, all will be fine.


Give the people a Katie Hopkins and let her run amok all over the media with her objectionable views because then anything the government says afterwards appears positively liberal by comparison. Give them dumbed down education so that they can all be university educated and arrogantly so, self taught to believe in nonsense conspiracy theories like the Illuminati, whilst the real conspiracies are happening right before their eyes. Give them the belief that we live in a democratic system so they can smugly side with those who wish to rip apart with bombs those nasty non- democratic types (of colour)who threaten our way of life (oh…and there will be a touch of collateral damage, natch. Sorry about that chaps). Really? Who are these threats to me? How will they get me? Will it be when I am shopping at Nisa? Where do they hide?
When I leave my house in the morning I am not looking behind the bushes for Jihadi Jeff, John or James (I am more likely to find danger behind the georgebushes). They are just the latest bogey men to keep us scared, to keep us in fear, to keep us controllable.
And to convince us to sanction murder.

Displaced Sunni people, who fled the violence in the city of Ramadi, arrive at the outskirts of Baghdad, May 19, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer - RTX1DP33
However, just this week we have seen what happens when politicians do not get their own way through the ‘democratic system’, and how it is conveniently discarded, and how the thought of true democracy ever really flowering in our Isles makes them soil their pants.
Example one is from the Right.


On the 30th August 2013 the House of Commons voted not to intervene in Syria. It is still too early to decide whether the decision was erroneous or not because there has been so much fog of war regarding events over there that the truth will take a while to surface. Nevertheless, due to the obscene slaughter that took place in our name in the illegal war in Iraq, the appetite for another international foray amongst the British public was slight. So it was somewhat surprising that the suits chosen to represent our views in the House of Commons voted 285 – 272 against, which was far closer than it should have been if the M. P.s were truly representing the thoughts of their constituents. Either that or they were just illustrating the fact that ‘they know better’ and we are just ignorant fools. It is perhaps fortunate Britain did not get involved given that we set up Assad as the latest threatening dictator/bogeyman (who like Saddam Hussein posed no real threat to us) up until we discovered that the rebels we were supporting turned out to be nasty, brutal, (I’m not sure of their height) maniacs, and how! But hang on, what’s this?!

A recent Freedom of Information request, you know, that pesky check on power that the government want to do away with, unearthed the fact that David Cameron has been aware for almost a year that British personnel were very much involved in the Syrian conflict. Yet after the vote, Prime Minster David Cameron had said it was clear Parliament did not want action and “the government will act accordingly”, which of course they didn’t. In fact what they have done is deliver a big “Fuck You” to the democratic process. Cameron can brush it up with talk of “embedded troops” and other weasel excuses, but the truth of the matter is that he decided he knew better than the British public and their elected representatives.
Example two is from the Right also, or as it has come to be known, New Labour.


When Tony Blair took over leadership of the Labour Party following the untimely death of John Smith, he went out of his way to remove the socialist content that he deemed had made the Labour Party unelectable (despite the fact that the left-leaning Smith had looked well on the way to winning the 1997 election). On his accession to the Labour throne in 1994 (because you know that is how he views it) that filthy and disgusting term New Labour came to the fore, which at least allows us to date the death of the Labour Party. By discarding the socialist principles that were the Party’s backbone; looking after the vulnerable, living a lifestyle that is fair, honest and compassionate, lifting the moral principles of the nation, Blair over time became the antithesis of the type of leader most people who voted for him would have imagined, even in their most savage Babylonian dreams.The Iraq war has rightly come to represent his leadership; a war criminal who utilised bullshit and his religion to rain misery on those who don’t share his beliefs (and who have shed-loads of oil ). When he graciously handed over the reigns of power to Brown he did so in the full knowledge that the shit was about to come down and since then he has been running away all over the globe, most laughably as a Middle East Peace Envoy, amassing a massive fortune in the process and avoiding the sort of justice that had this been 1948 would have seen him hung. Like I said. Antithesis. His legacy lives on though. Every time you brain quakes in the face of a politician beginning a sentence with “Look…” you are looking, at the true legacy of Blair. It is another way of saying “What I am about to say should be positioned alongside O.J. Simpson’s professions of innocence…”.

Blair’s involvement in political affairs since he stepped down (not resigned…don’t you know who he is for God’s sake?!)has been quite muted other than to gently pierce the flesh of left leaning Ed Miliband’s back in the run up to the 2015 General Election.
It was therefore entirely predictable that he would want to be heard this week when even lefter leaning Jeremy Corbyn proved his popularity in the Labour Party Leader election process. Corbyn would be a great leader who embodies the values of the Party in the way that Cameron does for the Tories. His record of common sense is almost unblemished. Anti-Thatcher, anti Apartheid, anti Iraq war, Corbyn has a history of making good decisions at crucial moments, even when they are in opposition to the Party Whip, a device that sorts out the good politicians from the bad, though not in the way those demons think. Corbyn stands apart because he is the closest thing to honest we have had in recent political times.


Corbyn doesn’t do that schooled hand gesture/”Look…” nonsense. He tries, heaven forbid, to answer the question. Old heads like me, we like that. The kids, they like that. Politicians don’t like it. The media abhors it. And so here you have the problem with Jeremy. Corbyn is a massive threat to nearly every other politician serving in the house, because by his good conduct and honesty, he is setting a standard that they couldn’t possibly hope to emulate. He is a threat to the media because he is principled. Every single Labour politician who abstained from the recent Welfare vote cannot possibly be a Labour politician. They are careerists. It’s a cushy job to them. Principles? Pffft. There was nothing to lose by voting against the policy, so why not do it? You might well ask.
The current wisdom about Corbyn is that he is unelectable. A man who has massively increased his own majority in his constituency and who is running away with the current leadership contest is unelectable? How? I have yet to see one unelectable quality in him. Labour has had unelectable leaders in the past, though mainly due to the English majority prejudices. Welsh (Kinnock), Geek (Miliband), Mad looking and Welsh (Foot). All failed. Corbyn is not like them. Calm and dignified, he is a thinker, which also elevates him above the majority of those in the house.
Burnham, Cooper, and Kendall are far less electable that Corbyn but the powers that be (this is not just a Labour issue; everyone’s getting ‘the fear’ from Corbyn) are looking to find a way to prevent a fair and democratic process taking place. By suggesting that the election is being hijacked by the hard left (don’t they deserve a voice in a Left election debate?), that if Corbyn wins none of the top Labour MPs are willing to serve in his cabinet (expect for that shameless whore Burnham) and that should Corbyn be elected a re-election will take place. Like Cameron’s hoodwinking of democracy regarding British involvement in Syria, the whole democratic ideal of the Party formally known as Labour, is seriously warped.
We have never had true democracy in this country, but the manner in which the last vestiges of the concept are being ridden rough-shod over by the gangsters that populate the establishment is quite frightening.
Choices need to be made.
You decide.


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