Some Election observations…

Once more the Tories have regained power by scaremongering and blaming Labour. Cameron’s use of the Labour Chancellor’s “There’s no money left” note is a case in point. It is a custom for outgoing Chancellor’s to leave a note (joke or serious for the incoming Chancellor), so for instance Tory Reginald Maudling told his Labour successor Jim Callaghan in 1964: “Good luck, old cock. Sorry to leave it in such a mess.”

So Cameron’s use of it is disingenuous.

Smoke and mirrors people…and the electorate got fooled again.

Manwhile in medialand…

I have been reading The Independent post-election on-line and cringing at their “How to leave the country” jovial articles now that the Tories are back in. Remember, The Independent wanted a Tory/Lib coalition again and so they are no longer in a position to cosy up to left wing voters. For this reason, I will never buy a copy of the paper again, which saddens me because on so many things they are often correct.


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