Zefur Wolves – Zefur Wolves (release date 13th April 2015)

Here tomorrow!

Mountain People

Gasping at the majesty of the world, whilst recoiling in horror at the greed that threatens to destroy it.

Zefur Wolves – Zefur Wolves  (release date 13th April 2015)


Zefur wolves band pic

Husband and wife teams tend not to work.

Rennee and Renata, Peters and Lee…The Krankies (mind that Christmas tree).  But as far as credibility goes,  Cian and Estelle, the couple that make up Zefur Wolves (augmented by Danny Wall on drums, Zirian Tahirili on guitar and Trystan Palfrey on bass)are like the cool kid, bastard offspring of Sonny and Cher or Ike and Tina, without the spousal abuse of course.

As a fan of Cian’s vocals with both the Super Furry Animals and as a solo artist, I wasn’t sure how Estelle ios ‘s vocals would fit with his voice and his multifaceted musical soundscapes, but having previously heard Cian and Estelle working together on Baby Queen’s wonderful single

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